Alessandra Grillo’s jewellery is highly individual with rings and bangles sliced up with see through gemstones, lacy filigree, multitask earrings and much more!! She works principally with sterling silver and 18 ct gold with elements of oxidation and 22ct gold plating. This is what gives the jewellery its ancient look: warm, imperfect and unique!!

Her inspiration comes from her love for gemstones and by her travelling in young age around the globe, from all the different cultures she comes across as well as all the beautiful jewellery she has been admiring in her youth. So she developed the passions for antique jewellery and old silversmith technique with the goal to build up a bridge between past and present. She has the ability to fuse urban white tribal and tradition with innovation. All that plus the fact She is Italian with an Art and Fashion background make her create beautiful rich handmade jewellery.

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